The only way I know to control myself is to write my thoughts down as fast as I can. Trying to think nothing but what I really feel at that moment, because that feeling could possibly only last a minute. Before it goes away I have to catch it. Like all good ideas come to you, you have to catch it, and hold on to it. Well, at least that’s what Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, and Love says in Ted Talk.

I’m falling in love with her book. I haven’t finished it nor have I seen the movie. (I believe that the text must come before the visuals- something I learned through Harry Potter). Her honesty fascinates me as well as her eloquence of delivery. She seems so powerful, independent, and normal at the same time. How would she express my frustration right now – I’m not sure.


Winter is cold, the wind blows too hard, and it’s not even snowing to cover the disaster. I hope

temperature sinks as well as my heart to below zero degrees Celcius for snows. I wonder if

it gets cold enough everything becomes clearer,

we can see more than what we can. I hope

I hope, I hope, I hope.

Winter is cold, the wind blows too hard, and it’s not even snowing to cover the disaster. I hope

this doesn’t make sense at all and you get nothing from it. I wonder if

it makes you frustrated enough that

you can see more than what you can. I hope

I hope, I hope, I hope.

It starts now

The weather is freezing.

As wind blows against me, I shiver and my teeth rattles. It’s so cold.

So I decided to re-open my blog!

Because it’s winter and it’s cold

It starts now, it starts here

no more cosine, sine, tangent graphs, i hope

But more of me and posts

I’m happy to be back

and happy that it starts now : )

Truth about leadership

Every time I sign up for a club or team, I am asked to explain some experience with leadership. Our international community values leadership most greatly. But honestly, I don’t know the reason why. Leaders exist because a group of people support the leaders. Leaders can’t just form themselves without any backup, but why are the leaders always recognized but the supporters not? If everybody was fighting for a seat as a leader, then the term leader would disappear, and everybody will be equal – no one leading anyone. However, realistically, that can’t happen. There must be some kind of figure leading the people and governing. But instead of valuing only leadership of the society, why not also acknowledge support from the larger mass?
If there weren’t any supporters there wouldn’t have been any leaders.